Published Works

Victoria has published six full length novels and a range of short stories since she made her publishing debut in 2013. Her six novels are divided into 3 different series: The Red Sun Rises Series, The Keswick Chronicles and The Lightning Project. You can find out more about each series below. 

The Red Sun Rises

The Red Sun Rises is currently a 3 novel series following the adventures of teenage spellcaster turned vampire Eren Anderson, his partner Corbijn Cohen and their best friend Andy. 

Praise for The Red Sun Rises:
"This is the kind of YA novel we need now, this is something I wish I could see on every shelf, in every store, in all libraries and schools." - Nerd Girl

The Keswick Chronicles

The Keswick Chronicles is currently comprised of 2 novels, with a third and final book on the way. Join shy guitarist Jack Daveyson as he tries to juggle high school, his band, and his epic crush on said band's new frontman, JJ Keswick.

Praise for The Keswick Chronicles:
"The Pitch Perfect emo kids never knew they needed. This is one series that will stay with you." - Divine Magazine

The Lightning Project

Ethan Thorn is not the superhero type. That's why they chose him. When he finds himself caught up in the world of a group of teenage superheroes, he has to decide if his crush on their leader, Adam, is worth risking his life for.

Praise for Struck: The Lightning Project Book 1:
"Struck is the Marvel-worthy origin story where The Runaways meets Riverdale...a YA story that is all plot and substance and no filler." - Divine Magazine

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