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Victoria Kinnaird


                                Vampires. Rock stars. Superheroes. Teenagers.

The Lightning Project


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Hacker Ethan Thorn was perfectly content figuring out how to blackmail the bigoted mayor of his small town and having illicit liasons with a closeted jock. Well, maybe perfectly content was a bit of a stretch. After unknowingly taking part in a top secret government experiment, Ethan is whisked away to a lab in New York city where he's introduced to The Lightning Project, a team of teenage superheroes.


Yup, a crazy scientist really decided that the best way to protect the world was to put together a team of hormonal teenagers and give them super powers.


What could possibly go wrong?


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Kindle Struck

Praise for Struck

"It's your Stan Lee, Marvel-comics origin story for LGBT, POC teenagers who have been discarded or ignored by society until now, but who have come together to begin an amazing new life, with incredible new powers. A Big Hero 6 of family, friendship and loyalty. While being totally unique, with clever plotting, just the right amount of snark, and with a host of characters who don't always disagree but will always be there for each other, no matter what." - Elaine White, bestselling author


"Struck is out of this world insanely good. This by far has to be one of my new all time favorite YA stories, that had me so immersed and invested in the characters and story and really soars in all the right ways" - Joseph, Amazon review.


"Extremely fun to read and I’m looking forward to the next installment." - Broome's Books