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Victoria Kinnaird

             LGBT YA Author

                                Vampires. Rock stars. Superheroes. Teenagers.

The Red Sun Rises Series was Victoria's first major undertaking as an author. The series chronicles the life, death, re-birth and adventures of spell casting vampire Eren Anderson, his partner Corbijn Cohen and his best friend Andy McAbrahms.


The series currently includes three full length novels and one novella: "The Red Sun Rises", "The Red Sun Rises: Fire and Ash", "(Birth)Day of The Dead" and "The Red Sun Rises: Seven Letters". You can find the series boxset on Amazon. The series boxset also includes additional short stories and exclusive character artwork. Pick up the boxset here.




"Fake It: The Keswick Chronicles Book 1" was Victoria's fourth full length novel. It heralded a complete change of direction, as she left her paranormal roots behind to focus on one of her first loves - rock'n'roll.


An ode to the bands Victoria grew up loving, "Fake It" charts the friendship and eventual romance between shy guitarist Jack and rich kid vocalist JJ Keswick against a back drop of music, high school and Jack's dream of a life on the road. "Take It: The Keswick Chronicles Book 2" will be released on January 18th, 2018.


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"Struck: The Lightning Project Book 1" will be one of Victoria's next big undertakings. It's currently scheduled for a 2018 release.


"Struck" is the story of Ethan Thorne, a lonely hacker who has spent his whole life in Orchard Side, the small town his parents failed to escape in their teens. After unwittingly taking part in a secret government funded experiment designed to create teenage superheroes, Ethan becomes part of The Lightning Project - a ragtag group of teenagers coming to grips with their new super powers. It'd be kinda cool, if it wasn't for Ethan's distracting crush on Adam, the group's leader. Oh, and the assorted terrorist groups hoping to capture and weaponise them might throw a spanner in the works too...






"This book mixes literary fiction with vampires, and brings us something unique, touching and action filled...this is the kind of YA novel we need now, this is something I wish I could see on every shelf, in every store, in all libraries and schools." - Cianna, Nerd Girl


"I should be upset, I should be really mad that this book was so good that I was a crying, quivering mess by the time it was over! I should be mad, but I'm not, I am actually elated that an author can put this much of their heart and soul into their work and have it show! The author ended the series beautifully and I am in awe of her talents!" - Bike Book Reviews


"I just can't bring out the words I want to express. This is a different read compared to all the other books I have read so far this year. I was captivated from the first chapter and I loved how the author started the story off. It was intriguing and beautifully well written." - Black Words White Pages


"A marvelous coming of age novel that throws together two young men who seem, at first glance, to be about as opposite as two people could be. Watching as they come together is a real treat. I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite character in Fake It - they're all grand, complex and believable characters...Jack and JJ are two of the most compelling main characters I've encountered, and their on-again, off-again romance is sweet, tender and a joy to behold. Fake It is a monumentally good coming of age novel and it's most highly recommended." - Reader's Favorite