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Look, I'm not saying that I'm going to accidentally spill the secrets of the universe. Hell, I can't even promise that I'll update this regularly but you never might find out something vaguely interesting or cool. Or you might just end up super bored. Whatever happens, let's take this journey together ;)

By guest, Jul 18 2020 11:09AM

It's been about six months since I last updated this lil website of mine, so I figured that a little face lift was way over due.

So what's changed in the past six months?

I mean, apart from you know, our entire way of life.

In terms of the website, I've finished the book page for The Keswick Chronicles, updating it with the new buy links for the re-published editions of the books and I've put the link back in for the merch shop. I'm currently working on a new Forever Fading Echoes merch collection today and hope to have that up in the shop soon.

I have signed Struck over to a new publisher, and I'm so thrilled to say that after a disappointing false start, The Lightning Project has a new home. There hasn't been an official announcement yet but of course, I will share it when the time comes. I will say that the submission process for my new publisher was one of the easiest but most feedback intensive processes I have gone through so far, but it was totally worth it. When they came back to say they wanted to sign Struck, they were dropping comic book references that were very impressive and definitely won me over! So I'm sure that Struck is in the right place and my crew of superheroes will be back kicking ass in no time.

In other news:

I started writing a new novel about 2 weeks into the UK's lockdown. It was all a bit ridiculous - I was about 35-40% of the way through the first draft of Make It, the last book in The Keswick Chronicles series, when I had this crazy idea to do a Peter Pan reboot.

I have been obsessed with Peter Pan since my early teens. I wasn't too into it as a kid, but as I got older (yeah, I'm aware of the irony), I started to really love the story and the artwork it has generated over the last century or so. I have some gorgeous leather bound and illustrated editions of the book and I've even visited the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens more than once.

So why do a reboot when I love the original so much?

I'm not saying that what I'm working on is anywhere near as magical or as cool as the original because my grippling insecurtiy won't even let me think along those lines! But I just wanted to play around with the story a little bit and turned into a whole big thing.

It was originally called "The Kensington Boy", but I've recently renamed this weird little WIP so it's now called "Ne'ver". The basic premise is this:

A decade ago, Wesley Darlington and his parents spent some time on the tropical island of Ne'ver. During the trip, Wes went missing, only to reappear a few days later with absolutely no recollection of where he'd been or what had happened while he was gone.

Skip forward ten years, and Wes is living in New York with his mom, stumbling through his senior year of high school and trying to figure out what to do with his life. Things get a little weird when he starts seeing a gorgeous, blond haired, bare foot boy around the city. His name is Peter. He met Wes on Ne'ver, a decade before. Oh, and he hasn't aged a day.

Needless to say, I'm having an absolute blast with this book! I'm back at work at the moment, but still working from home, and trying to squeeze in some writing when I can. I hope to have Ne'ver finished by the end of August - it'll probably be the quickest first draft I've ever done. Then starts the long process of shopping it around!

Lockdown is starting to ease here in Scotland, although of course life isn't anywhere near normal yet. I'm staying home pretty much all the time, learning to ply the ukulele and hanging out with my family. Is it weird to say it's been kind of nice?

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well out there in the big wide world, and I'm going to try and post again soon!

- Vix

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