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Look, I'm not saying that I'm going to accidentally spill the secrets of the universe. Hell, I can't even promise that I'll update this regularly but you never might find out something vaguely interesting or cool. Or you might just end up super bored. Whatever happens, let's take this journey together ;)

Who said lightning doesn't strike twice?

By Victoria, May 17 2021 08:55PM

Ok, ok - I know it's been forever. And ever. And ever.

But look, my website host has been having a whole bunch of issues and as much as I love my little rambley blog posts, they have gotten way harder to actually post these days! My apologies for leaving you all without my meandering thoughts for so long :P

Well hey, I guess we should kick this off with the big news?

Struck is back - and back in a big way! I am so thrilled to say that the re-edited and slightly re-imagined Struck will be released by Deep Hearts YA on May 28th. If you would like to pre-order the ebook, you can do so here. The paperback will also be available at that link on release day.

Isn't the new cover absolutely incredible? I adored the original Struck cover, and I love this one too. I feel they have different strengths and although you may see the old cover pop up as promo material now and again, of course I feel it's only right that my new publisher gets the chance to release the book as they see fit.

The edit process for this shiny new edition of Struck was honestly a world away from the "editing" process I had before - and I use sarcastic quote marks! Editing is a slow and at times awkward process for authors, but when it's done right, it makes your book better. Deep Hearts really went in on Struck, they were committed and dedicated to making it the best book it could possibly be, and I'm very grateful for the time, and effort that they put into it from Day 1. I think (hope!) you're going to love the new edition of Struck and I can't wait to take to you all about it :)

I have also been doing the rounds with Ne'ver in the hopes of finding it a home. I had a little flurry of interest around some Twitter pitch events recently, so we'll see how they pan out (pun intended). I have a lot of affection for Ne'ver, and a lot of faith in it too. Yet to see if that faith is misguided, but I don't think it is. I hope to have some positive news on that front soon.

In regards to my writing, I'm currently working on Make It, the last book in my Keswick Chronicles series. I'm going to be heartbroken to say goodbye to Forever Fading Echoes, but I think it's time and I'm going to make sure they get the send off they deserve. In case you missed it, there are some new covers for Fake It and Take It - simplified, colourful, and although I'm totally biased, I think they're gorgeous. Go take a look ;)

There's not much to report in terms of general life stuff. Covid restrictions are being eased very gradually here in the UK. My city is under some of the harshest restrictions in Scotland at the moment due to a spike in cases, which is worrying - but I'm keeping my head down, staying safe and playing by the rules. I'm very grateful to now be fully vaccinated. I was identified as clinically vulnerable and so have had both of my doses of a Covid vaccine. The side effects can get pretty gnarly, but they passed, and I do believe the vaccine is worth it. Please do make your appointment when you can! Not only are you taking a positive step in protecting yourself, you're helping to protect the people around you and your local community.

I'm hopeful that I'll get to do some fun activities this year. Reading and Leeds festival are still hopefully going ahead, and I'll be at Leeds getting beaten up in the Fever 333 pit - do say hello if you see me bleeding somewhere! My mum, sister and I hope to go see Hamilton in London in November as well - Nic is a massive Hamilton fan and so I got tickets for her recent 30th birthday. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan :) Music and travel are two of my biggest inspirations, so it'll be nice to get back to them when I can.

I hope you're well, that you're safe, and that you're taking re-entry into this crazy world at your own pace. Although the urge to jump back in or get back to your "old life" might be overwhelming, be kind to yourself. The world is not the same place it was a year ago - you may not be the same person you were then, either. And that's ok! I'm excited to get back out there, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was anxious about it too. Advocate for yourself, take your time - the world will be waiting when you're ready :)

Oh, and keep an eye on the skies - there's a storm coming.


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