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Welcome to my blog


Look, I'm not saying that I'm going to accidentally spill the secrets of the universe. Hell, I can't even promise that I'll update this regularly but you never might find out something vaguely interesting or cool. Or you might just end up super bored. Whatever happens, let's take this journey together ;)

It's been a while!

By Victoria, Feb 28 2021 03:32PM

Hello and welcome to a much delayed update on my little ol' blog.

I'm not going to lie, I very much got caught up over the festive season and then the company that hosts my website did a whole bunch of changes and this is me just now sitting down and getting everything set back up. I'm sure you haven't missed my rambles, but there has been a lot going on so here's the goss!

My Writing

I finished writing Ne'ver in September and I'm in the process of pitching it to various agents / publishers who I think may be a good fit for it. The submission process is long, tiring and brutal - but when you find the right home for your book, it is an amazing feeling and makes everything else worth it!

Speaking of finding the right home for your books - yes, it's true, Struck: The Lightning Project Book 1 has a new home! It will be published by Deep Hearts YA in 2021. The journey I have been on with Deep Hearts YA so far has been nothing short of eye opening. They are a small publisher, like my previous publisher, but the way they responded to the submission (name dropping other teen LGBT+ superhero characters? Talking about comic book storylines? BLEW MY MIND!) and the work that they've put in to getting Struck ready for republishing is worlds away from what I was used to, and it has made me super confident that they're the right home for The Lightning Project series. Honestly, I don't even think my previous publisher read half my books, so it's been a nice change to have so much support. I didn't even have to write the blurb, which as any author will tell you, is a horrible task that no one enjoys ever!

I'm back in the swing of writing Make It: The Keswick Chronicles Book 3 and I hope to have it edited and released this year, thus tying up The Keswick Chronicles Series. I will be doing a boxset edition (Probably next year) with lots of bonus content so if there's anything in particular that you'd like to see included in that, feel free to sound off in the coments. I also changed the covers on Fake It, Take It and The Red Sun Rises Boxset - just to give them a little refresh - and I adore them.

I'm selling signed paperback copies of the first two Keswick Chronicles books and The Red Sun Rises boxset now too! If you'd like to order a copy, you can do so by clicking here.

What I'm Listening To

One of my favourite artists, grandson, released his debut album Death of an Optimist in December and I've been spinning it pretty frequently - it's awesome. It captures a lot of modern anxieties perfectly, and is, in places, dark and witty and funny and catchy and heavy - just a really smooth, but eclectic mix of sounds and styles.

Nic is obsessed with Hamilton, so I find myself listening to the original Broadway cast recording around the house a lot. Not that I mind! We're (hopefully) going to London in November to see the show on the West End (a birthday gift for Nic) and I think it's going to be a really good time.

I've also been revisiting a lot of the My Chemical Romance back catalogue, because we're coming up on a decade since I last saw them live and I miss them. I do have tickets to one of the reunion shows here in the UK - which were supposed to happen June 2020, have been pushed to June 2021, and are currently a little bit in limbo. Honestly, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge is a flawless album. FLAWLESS.

What I'm Watching

The fam and I are still hooked on Keeping Up With The Kardashians - we're now on season 16, I think - and it remains pure escapism. Watching them go on incredible holidays and wear wonderful clothes and go out to fancy restaurants while munching a McDs in my PJs remains a level of vicarious living that I am really comfortable with!

Helen and I finished Desperate Housewives and moved on to a Buffy rewatch, which we're really enjoying. I was pretty upset about those Joss Whedon stories that came out recently, but I realise that Buffy is so much more than just Joss Whedon and while I can acknowledge the problematic aspects of it (so much clearer now that I'm older and somewhat wiser), I still enjoy watching it.

I am, of course, obsessed with WandaVision and its impact on the MCU. I'm really looking forward to watching Falcon and Winter Soldier and Loki as well. Oh, and Disney are launching a new Mighty Ducks TV show which I can't wait to watch - yeah, I was obsessed with the Mighty Ducks growing up! Now that Disney+ have added Star to the app, I can also watch Love, Victor, so I'm really excited. At this point, I doubt I'll notice when lockdown is lifted because I'll be staying home watching TV!

General Life Stuff

Well, I'm still working at home while the pandemic rages on outside, and although I really miss my (limited) social life, I'm grateful to be working from home and I actually kind of love it. Helen is on furlough at the moment so I'm trying to keep her entertained, while Nic continues to work hard out in the world.

We've rescheduled our holiday to Paris (for the 2nd time!) because we weren't sure what was going to happen. It's been pushed back to 2022, and although I'm disappointed, I think it's the right call because hopefully things are going to be really back to normal by then and we can really enjoy our holiday!

I got my first dose of the Covid vaccine a week ago (I'm high risk) and although I had some not nice side effects for 12 hours or so, I'm so thrilled to have had my first dose and I'm looking forward to my second. It really is a weight off my mind and I can't wait for the rest of my family to get theirs. I would say that if you're offered a vaccine - take it. Not only does it protect you, but new data is showing that it will help protect others around you too. It really does seem like the way forward out of the pandemic so do the right thing!

Well, I think that's all my big news. I hope you're hanging in there, staying safe and staying healthy. Til next time!



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